Laurence T. Huddon

Laurence T. Huddon - Zultanite Jewelry DesignerA jewelry designer for 55 years, Laurence T. Huddon (or Larry as he prefers to be called) is a genuine guru of jewelry design.

Larry’s jewelry adventure began as a young man of 18 seeking employment following the death of his father. He and his mother applied for work at Coro Inc., a costume jewelry manufacturer located in Providence Rhode Island. Larry initially worked as a stock boy until his innate drawing talent was spotted and he was given a jewelry design apprenticeship.

His first 30 years in jewelry saw Larry work freelance for more than 100 companies including Avon, Imperial Pearl, Monet, Napier, Rapaporte, Shipton, Stuller and Trafari. Larry designed a cosmetic bottle for Elizabeth Taylor’s perfume line and has even worked for the White House designing gifts for Ronald Regan’s reelection committee.

In 1987, Larry moved to Bangkok to work with Pranda Jewelry and he’s been there ever since.  Today, he works for a variety of successful jewelry brands in Europe, Asia and North America and is regarded as a wise master of his craft. Many leading jewelers that initially struggled to effectively convey their ideas on paper have shined with Larry’s help. This has always been the most important aspect of his life’s work; helping others reach the level he has worked so hard to attain.

When Larry designs he is always aware of what his client is trying to find. This manifestation surfaces in different ways with every client, but the challenge is always there and Larry thrives on being the invisible man behind their dreams. Larry’s design style is geared to making the jeweler’s job more manageable – for example, his full color renderings are a window on a bygone era and exemplify his incredible talent.

Larry is delighted to join the LANCE FISCHER™ team and is genuinely excited to be one of the few designers working with the new color changing gemstone, Zultanite®.

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